Adult mobile chatnumbers

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However, if you are willing to put in a little effort at the beginning to set everything up and do you research, you can actually make big rewards for very little effort in the future. After being annoyingly targeted by marketing companies with premium rate numbers he decided to make money from cold calls with his own higher-rate phone number. As I would sit down to relax I would always get cold-called about PVC windows, PPI claims and other services that I didn’t want, need or even sign up for.

As cold call companies sometimes just make up 01 & 02 numbers to call I thought, if I got a 08 they would stop. I phoned Plusnet & changed my Leeds 0113 number, phoned-up Leeds Council Tax, Yorkshire Water, NPower etc and removed my 0113 and gave them all my 0871.

You may need to get their permission to set up some services, where consumers need extra protection – it’s better to check before wasting your time.

You must check the background of premium rate organisations that you intend to connect with and ensure consumers are not put at risk.

In 2009 the premium rate industry in the UK was estimated to be worth around £800 million – however strict regulation has been put into place over the last couple of years to try to weed out the cowboys.

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Now that you can recognise what premium phone numbers look like how about we tell you how you can make some money from setting one up for yourself?

In the past, premium numbers were used by marketing companies running competitions as a way to generate revenue and to pay for the ‘prize’ (often for a phone-based competition), while businesses saw them as a way to increase their margins by charging customers to call.

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These charges are then shared between the network operator (typically BT) and the service provider – you.

Moneymagpie: In your opinion how easy is it to make money from premium phone lines? As long as you give the 08 number to all the companies you deal with and never give them your normal landline number.

Then each time they sell on our data the 08 numbers gets used more and more. Moneymagpie: What are the problems you’ve faced if any?

Lee: I did have a problem with n Power at first, as they refused to update my 0113 to 0871.

I told them “Fine, email me instead if you need to talk to me”, but as they didn’t have my new 0113 they had no choice but to use the 0871 if they wanted to call me.

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